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Discussion in 'Japan on the Web' started by kwame, Nov 19, 2001.

  1. kwame

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    I've decided to start a new website which teaches loads of the parts of japanese you don't find in the text books. These are things like colloquial phrases and slang etc, and suffixes and prefixes - yeah i find them *really* useful. I've read loads of books which claim to have secrets and tips, but they don't really work, so i'm making a site that will!

    I kinda need help with making special vocabulary lists and so on! I also would like help with the site design and tips on culture, grammar, you name it!

    If you would like to help, please take a look at the site

    and tell me what you think at

    If you can help, that would be *fantastic*!
  2. Nahoko

    Nahoko 先輩

    Hello Kwame,

    welcome to our forum. Just one sidenote: I deleted your two duplicate posts, please post one specific message only to one forum! :emoji_wink:

    I think creating a web site focusing on Japanese slang is a very good idea and certainly useful to advanced speakers of nihongo. Also, the design is great. However, I believe you should give your visitors the choice whether to use Flash or not. Many people are not so fond of browsing Flash-only pages (apart from the fact that there are still users without appropriate plugin).

    Some animations did not finish to preload, but that could be related to the fact that your page is still under construction.

    Your site and your idea are great, we wish you lots of success and look forward to hearing more about it! :emoji_smile:

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