I need help with understanding どうですか!

Discussion in 'Translations' started by inquisitah, May 16, 2018.

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    I'm writing a dialogue for a school assignment, and I need some advice on how to use どうですか in a sentence. I would really appreciate any help!

    is "あそこに どうですか" correct?
    I'm trying to say - 'How is it over there?' in reference to Sydney. The conversation goes:

    A: ごしゅっしんは?
    B: シドニーです。
    A: そうですか。 あそこに どうでしか? たけしさんが すきですか?

    Is this correct?

    Sorry for the hiragana! I don't know much kanji yet :emoji_frowning2:
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    シドニーの気候(きこう "weather")はどうですか or シドニーの景気(けいき "business")はどうですか works well, but what you are asking about is unclear just by どうですか in that conversation.

    そこ can be barely acceptable, but あそこ can't, since it refers to a place not near the speaker and addressee.

    Why did you choose the particle に?

    たけしさんがすきですか? means "Do you like Takeshi?". I believe this is not what you wanted to say.

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