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Discussion in 'All Things Japanese' started by KyDavMill, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. KyDavMill

    KyDavMill Registered

    Hello everyone. I am doing a college paper on population density in Japan and living situations that relate to population density and I need help finding some people to interview. I am looking for people who were raised in Japan and/or people who have lived in Japan. I do not need to use your real name if you are uncomfortable with it. If you have the time to help me, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. nice gaijin

    nice gaijin Resident Realist

    Welcome, @KyDavMill. Is it necessary to collect this information as an interview? You could ask your questions in this thread
  3. KyDavMill

    KyDavMill Registered

    Thank you.

    I would prefer it to be through an interview since that is what the professor wants. I do need to take notes of the answers that are given from the respondent but I would of course need to protect their identity. I could ask the questions through a private message and/or email. However, if it really needs to be asked through this thread then it may be able to work.
  4. Glenski

    Glenski Just me

    Does he expect you to ask people questions in English or Japanese? If it's the former, then you will automatically have a very limited pool. After all, you did write: "people who were raised in Japan".

    For "a college paper on population density in Japan and living situations that relate to population density", I would think that any statistics website or Wikipedia would be able to provide you with what you need. Of course, you haven't exactly said what that is.
  5. KyDavMill

    KyDavMill Registered

    The interview would be in English. I know that I said I was looking for someone who was raised in Japan and my interview would be limited but I also know that some know how to speak English. I also said that people living (or lived) in Japan would also work.

    I wouldn't be able to only use website statistics. I'm using some but the instructor requires us to interview people.

    Would I be able to interview you? I can send you a message or something with the questions and you can send me a reply with your answers.
  6. Glenski

    Glenski Just me

    Can you be more specific about what your project and interview are about?
  7. tsugiwajapan

    tsugiwajapan 後輩

    where are you located?
  8. KyDavMill

    KyDavMill Registered

    So the paper is about population density in Japan and basically it's about living situations (some people may have multi-generations in one household), the size of your living space, public transportation, etc. The interview is to gather information from people to see if it supports it or not. These are the interview questions keeping in mind that it is geared for both people who were either raised there or have lived there for any length of time. If you could answer it, I would really appreciate it and for some questions you could even add an explanation.
    1. Have/Do you lived in Japan?

      1. Have you ever lived outside of Japan?

      2. If so, where?
    2. Generally speaking, do you think Japan is crowded?

      1. Why or why not?

      2. If Yes, how did you deal with the crowds?

      3. Would you be surprised if I told you that Japan has 11 times more people per sqkm. than the US?
    3. While living in Japan, did you/do you live in an urban environment?

      1. Where?

      2. Do/Did you think it was crowded there?

        1. If yes, what are some unique challenges that you experienced living there?
      3. Did you know that 90.7% of the total Japanese population live in cities?
    4. Did/Do you use public transportation? Why or why not?

    5. Did/Do you own a car in Japan?

      1. If Yes:

        1. How would you describe driving in Japan?

        2. How would you describe parking in Japan?
      2. If No:

        1. Why not?
    6. Do you think that cars are bigger or smaller in Japan compared to other countries?

      1. Why do you think it is that way?
    7. How many people live in your house?

      1. Was this number different when you were younger?

      2. How many generations of family have lived in your household at one time?
    8. Did/Do you think that you living space in Japan is/was relatively small?

      1. What about the rest of Japan?
    9. Did/Do you have your own room in your house?

      1. Was this common in Japan?
    10. Did/Does living with your family ever cause any issues when you have tried to have a relationship with someone?

    11. Do you know what a “Love Hotel is?

      1. If Yes:

        1. What do you think their primary purpose is?

        2. Why do you think couples in Japan often resort to using love hotels?
    12. Do you know about how old was/is your residence?

    13. Have you ever observed the destruction of old houses?

      1. What is your opinion on this?
    14. How do you think population density has effected Japanese culture?

    15. Are there any other unique comments or circumstances that you can make on the population density of Japan?
    I live in Maryland.

    Thank you so much!
  9. Glenski

    Glenski Just me

    Has your advisor actually seen these questions and agreed with them? I wouldn't if I were him.

    If what supports what?
  10. HanSolo

    HanSolo 後輩

    You'd be surprised how far western universities have sunk...
    Deciding on a conclusion first, and then controlling how other people speak so they confirm it. Very 21st century "academia".

    Those questions are so deliberately leading and biased, you'll have a good career as a modern journalist, OP.

    Your pre-conclusion is completely false. Spend any time in Japan and you'll know that outside of a train or Tokyo, it's not at all crowded. Most of it feels outright sparsely populated. Of course the US is going to have a lower total population density: it's a massive country. For a real comparison you'd look at cities.

    Then you'd note that Tokyo, the most densely populated at 6,158 ppl/km2, doesn't even beat San Franciso (6,226), and doesn't even come close to New York (10,431).

    Do yourself and your paper a favour and reword the entire interview to neutral and broad & unbiased, open-minded objective truth-seeking questions.
  11. Glenski

    Glenski Just me

    I agree with HanSolo. Just wanted to hear someone else say that. Besides, any advisor who accepts a questionnaire so filled with essay answers is crazy. Just trying to collate the data from such things can be extremely difficult and a challenge for textmining software. You ARE going to transcribe the interviews, aren't you? Whew! What a massive job that will be!

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