I want to know how traveling to Japan works

Discussion in 'Travelling in Japan' started by Jules_deroy, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Jules_deroy

    Jules_deroy Registered

    I want to live in Japan maybe work for Nintendo but that is best situation
    Anyway I live in Canada and want to know what it takes to travel to Japan what Visa you need what I should do for my first travel thare what the safest places are if I should learn Japanese first and of course if I need to take any flu shots
  2. mdchachi

    mdchachi Moderator

    No special advanced visa needed for short (< 3 months) travel for pleasure/tourism.
    As a Canadian you may qualify for the working holiday program. Check it out (google it).

    I know it's difficult to believe but there are virtually no "unsafe" places. When I first went there I was also flabbergasted about this. What no slums? No bad neighborhoods? But it's true.

    No need to learn Japanese to visit. Or to even live there. But of course it helps.

    You should get a regular flu shot anyway. It's nothing to do with Japan.
  3. Jules_deroy

    Jules_deroy Registered

    Ya I read up that Japan is safe everywhere I'm thinking like I live in the wrong place everything better in Japan
  4. Glenski

    Glenski Just me

    With such basic questions and zero experience being here, I find it hard to imagine that anyone would actually state they want to uproot and live here. You haven't set foot here for a single day, yet you want to live here? C'mon. Visit first. At the very least see what the country is like superficially as a tourist.

    Since you are pondering working here, find out what work life is like.
    Daily expectations on the job.
    Language needs.
    Salary, bonuses, taxes (here and in Canada).

    And, it should go without saying that the more Japanese you know, the less of a burden you will be on your colleagues, boss, and society.
  5. Mike Cash

    Mike Cash 骨も命も皆此の土地に埋めよう

    If you're pondering working here, the very first thing you need to examine is whether you are eligible for a visa that allows you to work here. If you're not, there's no point even looking into the other stuff.

    Japan is very open and welcoming to tourists but it is selective when it comes to giving permission to live here.

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