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  1. Mansoor

    Mansoor Sempai

    Iran is faultless, and Japan government should not accompanies Mr. Trump's sanctioning Iran.
    Iran officials participated in a long negotiation with 5+1 (five European government plus to USA government) under supervision and management of United Nation Organization, in the historical JCPOA agreement, about two years.
    The subject of the negotiation was the nuclear energy technology of Iran. White House claimed, Iran is tending to produce nuclear weapon and Iran responded, we are a humanity and peaceful nation and have never made a decision to produce a horrible massacre weapon such the atomic bomb. We use our technology in a peaceful way in the our power plants or for medical purposes. White House denied the declarations of Iran and persisted on its accusation.
    Eventually the international negotiation was established and continued for about two years. In this period of time Iran government allowed the Atomic Energy Agency of UN to visit the nuclear sites of Iran and does a comprehensive research and investigation about atomic activities of Iran. After many researches that the agency did, it finally confirmed which Iran's nuclear activities are peaceful wholly and there is not any sign of production nuclear bomb equipment and devices in Iran.

    However, after the two years negotiation and reports of United Nation Atomic Agency 5+1 had to sign an international agreement ( JACPOA) that Iran is rightful to continue its nuclear activities but with less amount of uranium and centrifuges. Instead, White House and European governments (5+1) were obligated to remove the economic sanction versus Iran.
    One of the signers of the international agreement was the president of America, Mr. Obama, as the representative of USA government.

    What happened later? Mr. Trump, was elected as the new president of the United State. After a while, he claimed the conventional defensive medium range missiles of Iran should be included the agreement!

    He didn't consider that the international agreement that was signed by government of America was about nuclear activities of Iran and the conventional defensive missiles that are made by every country for security of the land are irrelevant to the signed international agreement!

    Iran protested to the unjustifiable claim of him, and president Trump told, he will cancel the agreement because it is not perfect!!

    He did the same and after the months, he proclaimed he has gone out of the international agreement that Obama has signed it because of his stupidity!

    European governments advised him to stay on the promise of USA government against United Nation Organization and doesn't leave the legal agreement, but he didn't agree!

    He proclaimed, the global economic sanction is renewed versus Iran and neither governments nor corporations of other countries should not have any business deal with Iran! (just opposite to the international agreement, that the USA government signed it earlier!)

    So , which agreement would be reliable after the firm international agreement that Mr. Trump canceled it based on his personal idea?!

    Which country will follow this idea that is opposite to the laws and logic of United Nation Organization's official bound?!

    I believe, each government that participate in this breakage of covenant puts its reputation and credibility in a risk of accusation of irrationality . This is because I recommend Japanese politicians not to accompany president Mr. Trump in his lawlessly decision, though there is not a notable commercial relation between Iran and Japan.
  2. thomas

    thomas Unswerving cyclist

    I agree with you that it's deplorable that the current US administration uses their political power and economic leverage to coerce other nations into renewed sanctions against your country, reducing international agreements to absurdity. For Japan, however, this is simply an economic decision. I have just read on Nikkei that Iran is Japan's sixth-biggest supplier, accounting for only about 5% of Japan's total crude imports. Japanese companies would rather comply and not risk sanctions over such slight imports.

    Let's hope it's only two more years of madness... :emoji_rolling_eyes:
  3. johnnyG

    johnnyG 先輩

    I'm not an expert, but the degree to which the US controls the world banking system, I think thru the power of the dollar, sucks.

    It's a kind of super-/supra-hegemony that has been grabbed by the US, without any type of treaty, agreement, or even discussion.

    It's basically resulted in "Don't cross those folks with the big (economic) stick."

    It's part of the new imperialism (in addition to military bases and carrier groups all over the world)--why take over countries (the 19th century model of colonies and concessions) when you can exert effective power and control thru other means.

    Fortunately, oil products and soybeans can be traded around a little bit. E.g., Brazil, a major soybean exporter, can buy US soybeans to make up for its own needs while increasing its own soy exports to china, allowing china a way around its tariffs on the US.

    Maybe something similar will happen with oil & gas.
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  4. Mansoor

    Mansoor Sempai

    Hello thomas

    Yes, I pray the rest of Mr. Trump's presidency course
    reaches its end as soon, he leaves political scene and goes back to his business job.

    Of course I hope peoples of the united state don't elect him for the next presidency term of America, despite this bad experience of his management and extreme decisions.

    The previous president of America had more flexibility against global policies and considered the right of other peoples relatively.

    Unlike Mr. Trump who is frowning and nervous often, Mr. Obama was smiling and laughing often, at least!

    Of course, Obama annoyed people of Iran with some of his policies and incorrect proclaiming as well, but he was better in compare with Mr. Trump.

    He has an extremity state in his behaviors and decisions. His behavior is not predicable and usual; as a group of American parliament members demonstrated a protestation versus his unstable behaviors, recently.

    This era of the history is the era of considering right of nations and citizens. It is different with the old seasons that kings or other nonconformist governors dominated on people.

    President Trump tries to go back to the old seasons that force was one the factors of success of a governor. Now, a nation can changes this inequalities with their votes and choices. Kings were forgotten in this equations and faded in the history.

    Now a people who are the real determiner of a land tend to logic, laws, friendship and good relationships with other people, among people of America.

    I hope in the next united state presidency election, people vote to a studious and logical candidate who can modify the internal and external policies of America.
  5. Mansoor

    Mansoor Sempai

    Excuse me. I used "agreement" instead of "treaty" mistakenly in some part of my first post.

    gpi-japanese business-1_200x281.jpg
  6. Julie.chan

    Julie.chan Sempai

    Use of "agreement" to mean "treaty" is perfectly fine. In fact a lot of treaties have the word "agreement" in their names, like NAFTA for instance. A treaty is just a specific type of agreement.
  7. Mansoor

    Mansoor Sempai

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    Thank you, Julie. You take me out from doubt. After my first post and before your post I became doubtful about agreement word. I had used treaty in many of my writings frequently but I don't know why I forgot it when I was writing the post and used agreement instead.
    So, as you pointed, agreement can be used instead of treaty, nonetheless I think using treaty word for JACOPA is more official and precise than agreement word, because it is an agreement between (5+1) and Iran under supervision, management and judgement of United Nation Organization.

    Of course there was not need for such a treaty, because Iran is the topmost opposition to existence of nuclear weapons in some countries of the world.Because the target of such kind of weapons is not only an army, but they target a residential place with a mass of civilians.

    Iran is an Islamic country with laws and rules of Islam (the origin and perfect Islam In Iran). Production nuclear bomb is a great and absolute banned thing In Islam. The government and army of Iran moves in the path of Islam without any deviation. They are not able to do something opposite to Islam laws and decrees.

    When Islam has banned something that hurt the mass of faultless and unarmed civilians, nobody in Iran can go out from the law and restrictions; especially officials of Iran.

    But sadly the most of non Muslim peoples don't know Islam (origin Islam) and its humanity goals.

    When America government accused government of Iran in the medias, that it is going to product nuclear bomb, and also Iranians were situated under a hard global economic sanction (for 12 years) Iran officials had to participate in negotiation with 5+1 to prove practically the the claim of the west is wrong, and the nuclear activities of Iran (as using a clean energy) is peaceful and humanity wholly.
    At the time, the government of Iran couldn't express the decree of Islam as an evidence for non Muslim peoples and governments.
    So, the only alternative was participation in a general and known negotiation to reach an agreement based on the international laws that was understandable for all peoples and governments of the world.

    Something that makes me regretful is that Iran and its excellent Islamic goals, that partially is a global peace and fortune for people of the world is unknown yet.

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