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Discussion in 'Japan Practical' started by colescross, Aug 8, 2018.

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    I have been studying in Japan for the last 2 years and recently came back to the UK as my VISA and course expired/finished. I want to apply for a VISA and come back to work however I was wondering - I will be bringing back all my stuff and repurchasing everything I need again (nice new things!) - will I be taxed in the UK on selling things? I'll be staying here for the year and working so will have a job, and hopefully a VISA to go back. I've looked at this income tax calculator but have struggled to find out if I'll end up paying tax on it or not. Can someone here tell me how it works? I'd appreciate it very much :emoji_smile: Thanks!
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    Tax is for profits, not revenues. So unless you're selling them for more than you bought them, there's nothing. And even in the case where you do, probably less than 1 in 100 people would report such a trivial "capital gain" on their tax returns.
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    Brit here who fled to Asia. Do you have other income in the UK? If not, I doubt your income from selling your stuff will take you above the threshold you start paying tax (about £11,000 from memory). Your main problem may be trying to sell your stuff. Whenever I've moved from one country to another I get hardly anything for the bits and pieces I've tried to sell. Most people seem to want shiny-new these days unfortunately.
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    Just a small point. VISA is the credit card. The word "visa" is what you get to stay in a foreign country.
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    Maybe he does mean credit card...:emoji_thinking:

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