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  1. gabrielcr78

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    Hello Folks i have tried my best with this kanji translation, but i think i might be missing something here's the picture:


    and here's what I have:

    Top left: 精= fine

    Top Right: 選 = selection

    Circle stamp: 福 = Fortune?

    Left column: 京 都 森 特 選 = Kyoto Forest Special selection

    Center Column: 正本山合砥 = shōhonzan awasedo

    Right column: 京 都 産 (kyoto “Naruto?” production)

    My questions:
    1. Are the red ones ok? or for the matter.. have I any other mistake?
    2. Naruto? those are the characters for sound and dragon.. should be read apart or together?

    thanks all!!
  2. Toritoribe

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    The 4th kanji in the right column is not 龍 but 瀧. See there are three dots on the left. The reading of 鳴瀧 is Narutaki. It's a location name in Kyoto, thus, 京都鳴瀧産 means "produced in Narutaki, Kyoto".

    鳴滝 (京都市右京区) - Wikipedia
    (all in Japanese, 瀧 is a variation of 滝.)

    森福 "Morifuku" is a proper name, most likely the name of the company, and 福 in the circle must be the logo of the company.
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  3. gabrielcr78

    gabrielcr78 Kouhai

    Thanks a lot Toritoribe much appreciated!!

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