Juvenile crims are victims too: poll

Discussion in 'Japanese News & Hot Topics' started by thomas, Apr 5, 2001.

  1. thomas

    thomas Unswerving cyclist

    Here's what Kyodo News published earlier today:

    Juvenile crims are victims too: poll

    TOKYO 窶 Most juvenile criminals suffered serious setbacks in their lives and attempted to kill themselves before committing crimes such as murder or assault resulting in death, according to a survey by a Supreme Court body released Wednesday.

    The first such survey by the top court's Research and Training Institute for Family Court Probation Officers, which examined 10 crimes committed by individual juveniles and five others committed by several youths between 1997 and 1999, found most lone juveniles had been "driven into a corner" before committing their crimes.

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  2. Shidenkai

    Shidenkai Nihon no yoru to kiri

    I don't think they are victims, 'cause I was a "furyo" in my 16-17th years and... I was not a victim! The "tale"of victims is only a governement justification for incapacity to offer an interesting life to younger boys.
  3. bossel

    bossel Sempai

    You can be victim & perpetrator at the same time.
  4. Luthien Rogue

    Luthien Rogue Sempai

    Shidenkai -- And of course everyone is exactly the same as you. :emoji_thinking: :emoji_nerd:

    Riiight, soooo-- ^^

    I think any child--any person, really--that can do such things is also a victim. The more serious crimes are things that most people could never do, can't even imagine doing, and so you have to wonder why they're an exception... what happened to them to cause them to be this way? A lot of people are quick to say that these people are fine and made the choice to do these things and enjoy it, and I disagree; I feel really bad for these people, and rather than putting them away in jail or even putting them to death as they do in some places... I think they deserve a chance to be helped.
  5. Dollporn

    Dollporn MariYuana

    Hmm, I'd say both really.
    My experience sais that people are actually pretty quick to say that criminals are victims, but I don't think that is always true.
    I think a lot of young people are fuuked up and that often is a reason leading to crime. But I think there are always those who really just did it for quick money or for the kick of it.

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