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Discussion in 'All Things Japanese' started by acupofrice, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. acupofrice

    acupofrice Registered

    Hello!!! I'm new here and I kind of need a little help.
    I found this sword in our house and there's this inscription/signature. I'm trying to figure it out but I only know a few kanji and I'm really curious as to what it means.
    Here are the images.
    IMG_20171207_161757_673.JPG IMG_20171207_161814_391.JPG
    Your answers are much appreciated!!! THANKS. :emoji_relaxed::emoji_kissing_smiling_eyes:
  2. Toritoribe

    Toritoribe 禁漁期
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    Those are false kanji inscribed by someone who actually don't know kanji. They might want to inscribe 八龍刀.
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  3. acupofrice

    acupofrice Registered

    Thank you very much!!! It finally made sense now! I was trying to figure it out by myself when my kanji knowledge is too little :emoji_dizzy_face: Arigatou~! :emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup:

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