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Help! Learning Japanese

Discussion in 'Learning Japanese' started by DennisB2017, May 19, 2017.

  1. DennisB2017

    DennisB2017 Registered

    I'm looking for someone who can teach me Japanese via Skype. Yes, I've searched online, and I've found some results, but they were for $30-45/hour, and I don't really think that's worth it. I'm looking to spend around $10-20 per 1 hour lesson. If anyone here could help me out, that would be great!

    I'm in California, so please keep the time difference in mind.
  2. musicisgood

    musicisgood Sempai

    You can find people on this site to help you. Many do teach their language in exchange for your language.

    The Mixxer - a free educational website for language exchanges via Skype | The Mixxer
  3. Mike Cash

    Mike Cash 骨も命も皆此の土地に埋めよう

    What efforts have you made so far to learn Japanese on your own?

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