Mid-term Exam for Class 2-12, a sports class Part 1

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  1. hirashin

    hirashin Sempai

    Dear native English speakers,
    This is part of the last exam I have to make.
    I'd appreciate it if you would help me.
    Do all the question sound right and have only one answer?

    ① (   ) your mother a teacher? (ア) Is (イ) Are (ウ) Do (エ) Does
    ② I (   ) go there on Sundays. (ア) am (イ) amn't (ウ) don't (エ) doesn't
    ③ (   ) your grandfather drink tea?  (ア) Is (イ) Do (ウ) Do (エ) Does
    ④ My father sometimes (   ) temples in Kyoto.
    (ア) visit (イ) visit to (ウ) visits (エ) visits to
    ⑤ Helen and Mary go (   ) school together. (ア) to (イ) at (ウ) a (エ) the
    ⑥ My parents (   ) get up early. (ア) isn't (イ) aren't (ウ) don't (エ) doesn't
    ⑦ Tom (   ) coffee. (ア) like (イ) likes (ウ) is likes (エ) is liking
    ⑧ Mike's brother (   ) play soccer. (ア) am (イ) amn't (ウ) don't (エ) doesn't
    ⑨ My grandmother speaks (   ).
    (ア) English very good (イ) very English good (ウ) very English well (エ) English very well
    ⑩ That red car is (   ). (ア) my (イ) my's (ウ) mine (エ) mine's
    ⑪ My grandfather (   ) chess. (ア) play (イ) plays (ウ) is play (エ) is plays
    ⑫ My parents (   ) English teachers. (ア) is (イ) are (ウ) do (エ) are doing
    ⑬ Mr. White always (   ) the lake in the summer.
    (ア) visit (イ) visits (ウ) is visit (エ) is visits
    ⑭ I like chocolate ice cream (   ).
    (ア) very (イ) very well (ウ) very good (エ) very much
    ⑮ (   ) you meet Emily yesterday?  (ア) (イ) (ウ) (エ)
    ⑯ He plays the piano very (   ). (ア) good (イ) well (ウ) really (エ) beautiful
    ⑰ (   ) you busy? (ア) Is (イ) Are (ウ) Do (エ) Does
    ⑱ My uncle knows (   ) about the universe.
    (ア) really (イ) a lot (ウ) a lot of (エ) many
    ⑲ (   ) you and your sister study Japanese every day ?
    (ア)Are (イ) Is (ウ) Do (エ) Does
    ⑳ Do you go to Kobe (   ) Fridays? (ア) at (イ) in (ウ) on (エ) since
    ㉑ Did you (   ) that bag yesterday?
    (ア) buy (イ) buyed (ウ) bought (エ) boughted
    ㉒ (   ) this door have a lock? (ア) Are (イ) Is (ウ) Do (エ) Does
    ㉓ I always go to school (   ) bike. (ア) in (イ) on (ウ) with (エ) by
    ㉔ I (   ) like soccer. (ア) good (イ) really (ウ) am (エ) am really
    ㉕ I've stayed in Kyoto (   ) a week. (ア) in (イ) on (ウ) for (エ) since
    ㉖ Mary (   ) know that. (ア) isn't (イ) wasn't (ウ) don't (エ) doesn't
    ㉗ My aunt has lived in Nara (   ) 2010.  (ア) in (イ) on (ウ) for (エ) since
    ㉘ Meg and I meet here (   ) Sundays. (ア) in (イ) on (ウ) every (エ) last
    ㉙ Mike came (   ) at eight last night.
    (ア) home (イ) house (ウ) to home  (エ) to house
    ㉚ I went (   ) in the nearby river this afternoon.
    (ア) swim (イ) swimming (ウ) to swimming (エ) for swimming 

    Thanks in advance.
  2. mdchachi

    mdchachi Moderator

    They all look fine and have only one answer.
    You neglected to list the answers for this one though.
  3. Lothor

    Lothor Sempai

    I think they are all OK too, but I don't like the idea of using words that don't exist as some of the options, such as am'nt in Q2 and boughted in Q21. I've never come across non-existent words in any of the language tests I've ever seen or taken (English, Japanese, and French and German a long time ago at school), so I assume that it's considered bad practice.
  4. Michael2

    Michael2 Sempai

    ③ (   ) your grandfather drink tea?  (ア) Is (イ) Do (ウ) Do (エ) Does
    This has two identical answers.
    ⑮ (   ) you meet Emily yesterday?  (ア) (イ) (ウ) (エ)
    What are the choices here?
  5. hirashin

    hirashin Sempai

    Thank you for your help, mdchachi, lothor and Michael2.
    Oh, is it bad practice to put non-existent words in the multiple choices, Lothor?
    I didn't know that.

    Some students may not remember the correct form of irregular verbs. So I thought
    it might be good to put non-existent past forms in the choices.
  6. johnnyG

    johnnyG 先輩

    Do.not.do.that. This is a horribly bad practice/test design.
  7. hirashin

    hirashin Sempai

    I've seen such types of choices in some exams so far, but I'll follow your advice.
    I'll change it. How about this?
    ㉑ Did you (   ) that bag yesterday?
    (ア) get (イ) got (ウ) gotten (エ) getting
  8. Lothor

    Lothor Sempai

    Yes, that's fine.
  9. hirashin

    hirashin Sempai

    Thanks for the help, Lothor.

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