Need help find communities (forums/fb clubs etc) in Japan for JDM cars/classic cars

Discussion in 'All Things Japanese' started by Shyam, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Shyam

    Shyam Registered

    Good afternoon/evening/morning everyone wherever you may be.

    I am writing from the UK and strongly admire Japan and it's culture. Not only am I crazy about your cars but I also love Manga!

    I currently own 3 JDM cars; 2 of them are 1986 Honda SB3 Civics and the other is a 1986 Nissan Leopard Ultima. I am planning to build a race car with one of my SB3 civics and would like some information and advise. The Nissan Leopard Ultima is also very difficult car to source maintenance parts for so I was hoping to network to establish some links. Also would just like to be part of a genuine japanese community to discuss cars etc.

    Can anyone recommend any relevant forums/fb groups etc in which the communities are based in Japan? Either related to the vehicles described above or not, any avenue into local Japanese car communities would be cool.

    Many thanks!
  2. thomas

    thomas Unswerving cyclist

    Welcome to the forum! I have already tried to respond to your thread, but one of the links I posted wreaked havoc to my reply, hence a second and third attempt. :emoji_smile:

    I'm not much into FB or FB groups, but perhaps you are familiar with these:

    Japanese Cars - 首页 | Facebook
    Old Japanese Cars - 首页 | Facebook
    Japanese Cars Show (車 表示) - 首页 | Facebook
    Liberty walk LB Performance - 首页 | Facebook
    Old Japanese Cars 公开小组 | Facebook

    There are some interesting websites and articles on Japanese cars and the local car scene. Have you tried contacting their owners/authors? Certainly, they'll be able to help you to connect with local groups.

    Secrets Of The Japanese Car Scene - Speedhunters

    Japanese Nostalgic Car | Dedicated to Old School Japan (they have a forum too)

    These Are the Facets of Japanese Car Culture - The Drive

    The other links I couldn't post are at ("You Aren't Prepared For What You'll See At Japan's Craziest Parking Lot" and more). Check it out.
  3. Shyam

    Shyam Registered

    Thomas, thanks a bunch dude, your help is much appreciated.

    Also, your English is better than mine so kudos to you! haha

    Keep them coming friends of Japan! :emoji_smile:

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