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Discussion in 'Japan Practical' started by franck.f, Sep 23, 2018.

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    In my own country I was cycling alot on a daily basis but here in Japan I've never bought a bike because of the fear that getting a ticket for some inadvertent road violation would jeopardize a future application for a Permanent Visa.
    Is my fear a little bit over the top?
    A fine can prevent you from getting a PR, right?
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    Welcome to the forum, Franck! I know that this is mainly about PR, but I invite you to post anything bicycle-related to our sister site, Tokyo Cycling Club. :emoji_point_left:

    Unless you cause a serious accident I wouldn't worry too much.

    Source: Applying for Japan Permanent Residence | Japan Visa
  3. Since the bicycle is not a driver's license system, it is not a penalty point method by a ticket for violation.
    For that reason,When having caused a casualty by collision with a pedestrian, it's arrested.
    (Be careful not to do in bicycle driving.)
    1.No-light driving of bicycles at night.
    2.Two people riding on a bicycle at the same time is dangerous.
    3.One-handed driving of an umbrella on a rainy day.
     One-handed operation of mobile phone.
    (Because the bicycle crashed into the pedestrian and there was a fatal accident)
    4.Driving while intoxicated
    5.Bicycle driving of brake badness. (no brake piste)
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    On one of my rides, a riverside bike path, it's not too rare to see a high school boy leaning forward with both forearms on the handlebars, using both hands on the phone.

    Safer than one-handed use...? :emoji_wink:
  5. In Kawasaki city in Kanagawa prefecture in December 2017,
    The 20-year-old female university student who was doing smart phone operation collides with a walking 77-year-old lady while riding an electromotive bicycle.
    The accident of which a pedestrian dies has happened.
    「自転車スマホ」で死亡事故、元女子大生に禁錮2年(佐藤仁) - 個人 - Yahoo!ニュース

    Female college student is 2 years imprisonment.
    Female college student dropped out of college.
    Female university student's life has ended by smart phone operation for 5-6 seconds.
    I think , from now on , She can not get marriage nor getting a job.
  6. KyushuWoozy

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    I've seen several people online saying that even though they got points and fine on their driving license they still got PR. Wonder if it's an urban myth that such trivial matters can prevent PR?

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