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Discussion in 'Translations' started by Raijin, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Raijin

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    Hi everyone, I hope you are all well!

    I have been trying identify and translate the clerical script characters on this hanging scroll, however, a couple of the characters are a bit tricky, so I was wondering if any of you kind people here might be able to help me.

    I think that the line of clerical script at the top reads - 徳川家康公御遺訓 (The Precepts of Tokugawa Leyasu), which led me to the Wikipedia page of Tokugawa Leyasu (great read), where I found a translation of the main body of text.

    The signature panel running down the left is written in three sections, with the first (photo 6) I think reading - 昭和九甲戌歳初冬 (Showa 9 Yang Wood Dog Year October / Early Winter)

    The second part I don't really understand at all, (photo 7), I think it may read - 州北脚途上 The kanji in red I am not really sure of, I thought at first perhaps 山 may be 心, but it is not written the same way in 徳 at the top. Can anyone read this part? If so, what does it say?

    The final section (photo 8) must be the name of the calligrapher, but I cannot identify the first kanji - ?海堂正信書. Anyone have any ideas? I wondered if it could be 杏, as Jisho has five names registered for 杏海, but I just don't know!!!

    As always, many thanks in advance if anyone can help me figure this one out!

    007 - Copy.JPG 008 - Copy.JPG 009 - Copy.JPG 010 - Copy.JPG 011 - Copy.JPG 012 - Copy.JPG 013 - Copy.JPG 014 - Copy.JPG
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    I don’t know of an old province called 拝州 . I think 信州 (Shinshu) looks more likely. I think the third last kanji is 之 rather than 山. I wonder if the calligrapher’s name is 春海堂正信. I tried looking for Shunkaido Masanobu but couldn’t find one. I admit that I’m guessing.
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  3. Toritoribe

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    What is written on the top is 徳川家康公遺訓 (there is not 御 after 公). 御 is just an honorific, so the meaning is the same whether 御 is there or not, though.

    #7 is 脚之途上, meaning "in the midst of traveling around Iyo". 豫 is the traditional form of 予, and 豫州/予州 refers to 伊予 Iyo Province, the present Ehime prefecture.
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  4. Raijin

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    Thank you nedkelly! I was just guessing with 杏 too, because I googled 海堂正信 to see if any results would come up with a name, with the first kanji there too, but there were no results that I could find, so I think this person will remain a mystery!

    Toritoribe, as always, thank you for your expertise! I do not know how I included this extra kanji 御 into my own work, I think that when I copied and pasted the complete text from an online source onto my sticky note, I must have updated my work with the title of that source, without realising. And thank you for clarifying this middle section, I really do not know many Japanese place names in kanji, so they are always difficult for me to work out!
  5. joadbres

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    Note that it is Tokugawa Ieyasu, not Tokugawa Leyasu. (The second name starts with a capital I.)

    As for the character at the start of 海堂正信書, to me it most resembles 番, but it is not a perfect match. I did a quick search using that character, but nothing seemed to come up.

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