Sengal supporters spook police + world cup

Discussion in 'Japanese News & Hot Topics' started by moyashi, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. moyashi

    moyashi Sempai

    Under 20 sengal supporters marched through Roppongi putting 50 police on to their tails.

    They were celebrating their win over France.

    hehe ... the police where complaining in their foghorns in Japanese not to block the intersections and such .... lol ...they gotta get bi-lingual units on the streets.
  2. larry_s

    larry_s 先輩

    Even with just one goal the game was quite exciting, both teams were pretty equal in strength and chances, but I was quite happy that once one of the smaller soccer nations succeeded.

    But Saudi-Arabia... 0:8 against the Germans, uh oh!
  3. moyashi

    moyashi Sempai

    I was glad that the Germans won but ... that is a bit over doing it isn't ???
    They should've moved in the backup players after the 4th goal.

    the game was in Stadium that I can see from my Balcony :emoji_smile:

    TV showed a bunch of Irish Folks having a good time singing and drinking!

    Gee where are all the hooligans?

    Sapporo's drinking district was barren last night, I also was downtown yesterday to do some brand good shopping with the wife and noticed that an after payday weekend the city was as empty as during the new year holidays.

    Thanks to the police the highly suggested a school not to bring the students downtown in the middle of the day to do a reasearch interview report. Hmmm hooligans are dangerous. hooligans will hurt children.

    Here I was hoping that the world cup would bring a small boost the local economy .... hmmm ... look like the opposite is occuring.

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