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Discussion in 'All Things Japanese' started by SMiles, Jun 19, 2018.

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    So I found the Jinja Honcho Association of Shinto Shrines page and see that it mentions a course that one must take and pass in order to become a Shinto Priest. Any information on this would be appreciated. I have been working the last two years on building a private Shinto Shrine at my home here in the US, but there is little to no information available on the process. I am hopeful that this forum may add some enlightenment for me on this journey. I hope there is a way to make a connection with a Shinto Shrine in Japan and become a "sister shrine" here in the US, if anything like this is even possible.
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    I recall an interview with a young Austrian by the name of Florian Wiltschko who'd become a Shinto priest in Japan.

    Here's an article on him:

    Blue-eyed Austrian finds calling at shrine | The Japan Times

    I am certain that he could help you find more information on how to become a priest, as well as on how to set up a Shinto shrine or at least connect you to other sources. I couldn't find his contact details, however, John, the webmaster of Green Shinto, can put you in touch with him:

    Florian Wiltschko | Green Shinto

    It appears Florian was ordained at Nobeno Shrine in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, in 2016.
  3. SMiles

    SMiles SMiles

    Great information! Many thanks!!!

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