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sport or sports ?

Discussion in '英語勉強フォーラム - Learning English' started by hirashin, Apr 15, 2018 at 14:21.

  1. hirashin

    hirashin Sempai

    Dear native English speakers,
    which form would be used?
    (1a) What sport do you like?
    (1b) What sports do you like?
    (2a) What kind of sport do you like?
    (2b) What kind of sports do you like?
    (3a) Tom really likes sport.
    (3b) Tom really likes sports.

    When someone asks you "What sport(s) do you do?", how would you answer it?
    Would "I do soccer"or "I enjoy soccer" instead of "I play soccer" be all right?
  2. Both 1a and 1b can be used but have different context when saying it.
    When your saying (1a) "What sport do you like?" Your asking me which specific sport do I like. So my answer would be "I like basketball"
    When your saying (1b) "What sports do I like?" Your asking in plural, meaning more than one sport. So my answer would be. "I like basketball and baseball".
    Both 2a and 2b are also acceptable but when adding kind of your asking me to to describe the sport/sports that I like. So if you asked me (2a) "What kind of sport do you like?" I would respond "I like a sport that has a lot of running in it."
    3a. Would not be grammatically correct. When you say "Tom really likes sport." It wounds very off to us. When using sport without the s/(sports) your being more specific in meaning one sport. So the correct way would be "Tom really likes a sport". While that is grammatically correct and I understand it, it is quite a broad sentence and I would reply "What sport does Tom like?"
    3b. Is grammatically correct and acceptable. The difference being from (3a), this way your being a little less vague and it covers a variety of sports. Since your covering multiple sports an "a" is not needed.

    When asking me "What sports do you do?" You are asking me what sports (more than one) do I actually attempt to do. So my response would be "I play soccer and baseball". "I do soccer" is an acceptable response but less common. You could also tell someone "I enjoy soccer" as well. But answering that way gives a double meaning when answering. It says I am happy with soccer and play it as well.

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