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Help Taking University Entrance Examination in JAPAN

Discussion in 'Studying in Japan' started by Yulia R, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Yulia R

    Yulia R Registered

    Halo everyone, I am applying for MEXT research student 2018 GtoG and other scholarship from Indonesia government.

    I have contacted the professor and he agreed to accept me as his student. For the Indonesia government scholarship I need unconditional LOA, but the problem is I have to take entrance examination in JAPAN. And honestly, I don't have the money to cover my expense to go to JAPAN. I have saved up some money, but the money is only enough to pay for the entrance examination fee and probably visa. I still need money for traveling and accommodation. Anyone know any information on any scholarship that can cover for my travel? or do you guys have any idea?

    I try to start a crowdfunding campaign in generosity, but honestly I'm not familiar with crowdfunding. I really need help to make it possible. Please if you have spare time visit my campaign and help me spread my story. Any idea of what should I do and any donation is immensely appreciated.

    Help Me realize My Dream! Study... by Yulia Rahmawati | Generosity

    Thank you and Big Hug :emoji_smile:
  2. Alyssa

    Alyssa Kouhai

    Your situation is quite strange. Normally, MEXT scholars come to Japan as research students, and after 6 months or more (no longer than 2 years), they will take entrance examination to enroll master or doctoral courses officially. Therefore, you do not need to take entrance exam when you are applying for MEXT. After you pass first round, you will receive a certificate from your embassy, and send it together with other documents to your university to get letter of acceptance. I think you should contact your university to avoid misunderstanding.
  3. Yulia R

    Yulia R Registered

    Hi Alyssa thank you for your respon,

    Well yes, that's the situation for MEXT... I can go to Japan as a research student than take the exam there. But, I am also applying for scholarship from my Government and I need unconditional LOA for that scholarship, that's why I have to take the entrance exam before getting the scholarship... just in case I don't pass MEXT selection process..
    But I'm also a bit confuse, when I ask my intended Universitu they didn't give any information about becoming Research student, they only told me about the enrollment to the master program. You're right I better contact them again to avoid any misunderstanding...

    Thank you,

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