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    This post is mainly directed to Peter. We discussed about Japanese groups from the 60s a while ago. Currently, I am very busy with my job, so I apologize for the late reply! :emoji_smile:

    I want to focus on The Spiders and their recent activities.

    First of all, the Spiders appear very often on TV, along with other groups from the 60s. Many people from my parent's generation follow such programs which are very popular in Japan. In 1999 three former members formed a new group called "Sans Filtre", continuing the same style they performed as the Spiders.

    Sans Filtre consists of Masaaki Sakai who is also an actor and appears on TV shows very frequently. then Takayuki Inoue, a famous film composer (he composed the music for an epic cop series called "Taiyo-ni Hoero", Barking at the Sun" - every Japanese knows the series and the music) and lastly, Kamayatsu Hiroshi, also known as "Monsieur Kamayatsu" who is still working as musician.

    The other two Spider members are Tanabe Shochi who owns one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Japan, the Tanabe Agency as well as Jun Inoue who still performs with the Spiders occasionally, but is known as actor and comedian.

    So all of them are still very active in Japan's entertainment world. This applies also to other groups as the Cougars and the Tigers.

    Some URLs:

    Japanese groups of the 60s and some of their covers

    => (Invalid link removed)

    Info on the Spiders in English


    Info on Sans Filtre

    => (Invalid link removed)

    The picture below shows the Spiders:

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    In action

    Here's another pic of the Spiders "in action".

    Their way of dancing became very popular in Japan. :emoji_smile:

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    Thanks for the info, Nahoko. It's very interesting to read.
    It's also interesting to see that their works were published by Philips, which is a Dutch brand. :emoji_thumbsup:

    Right now i'm listening to a "Best of" album from Kyu Sakamoto. I never knew "Ashita ga aru sa" was originally his. I only know the Ulfuls version.

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    Sakamoto too was still active in music business, until he died in the tragic JAL123 flight accident in 1985.

    "Ashita ga aru sa" was very famous. Also "Miagete Goran Sora-No Hoshi-o" and "Shiawase Nara Te-o Tatako".
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    hehe ... the wolf-ful-rus remade it last year.
    and the downtown crew as did a version.
    and I think they both did a combined version.

    hmmm I forget if Sakai was in the video too.

    I'm pretty sure it was Georgia can coffee by Coka-Cola that was pretty big in helping the song spread.
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    The Spiders are quite good

    Monsieur Kamayatsu also was in japan's first glamrock band: Vodka Collins

    they released one album Tokyo-New York
    and some 90s reunion albums

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