Question This is the CD I lent (to) Tom.

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  1. hirashin

    hirashin Sempai

    Dear native English speakers,
    Which would be used? If all are used, what's the difference between one with "to" and one without "to"?

    (1a) This is the CD I lent Tom.
    (1b) This is the CD I lent to Tom.

    (2a) This is the CD I lent him.
    (2b) This is the CD I lent to him.

  2. Buntaro

    Buntaro 運動不足


    All are correct but 1b and 2a are the most common. The rules for pronouns are just different. We can say:

    1. look a word up in a dictionary
    2. look up a word in a dictionary
    3. look it up in a dictionary
    4. (wrong) look up it in a dictionary

    1, 2 and 3 are okay but 4 is a mistake. Students just have to learn the rules of exception for pronouns.

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