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  1. hirashin

    hirashin Sempai

    Dear native English speakers,
    Here's my new exercise sheet. Would you please check it?
    3 次の文を和訳しなさい。
    ①I've lived in Ibaraki, Osaka, for more than twenty years. (地名は大きな単位が後)

    ②During the Second World War, my paternal grandfather served in the Navy. (paternal = 父方の、Navy = 海軍)

    ③After the war, he worked for this hospital as a nurse.

    ④The city government supplied the victims of the earthquake with clothing and food.
    (city government = 市(役所) victim = 被災者 earthquake = 地震 clothing = 衣服)

    ⑤Who took care of your dog while you were away? (while SV = SVする/した間 away = いない)

    ⑥At twenty I moved to Washington, where I got married to Jane. (get married to~=~と結婚する)

    ⑦A lot of money was spent on this project, but it didn't work. (work =うまくいく)

    4 本文2と問題3の文を参考にして英訳しなさい。
    ①私は、公園の掃除を買って出た。(volunteer to を用いて6語)
    I volunteered to clean the park.

    (While で始め, care を用いて12または13語で)
    While I was in (the) hospital, a kind female nurse took care of me.
    [According to my dictionary, American people use "the" before "hospital" while British people don't.]

    ③その会社は、私たちへの電力(electricity)の供給を止めた。(supply, with を用いて7語)
    The company stopped supplying us with electricity.

    ④私がここへ着いた時、多くの子供達が、飢餓で(of/from hunger)で死にかけていた。(12語)
    When I arrived here, a lot of children were dying of/from hunger.

    ⑤夏休み中、私はよく近くの(nearby)川に泳ぎに行った。(During で始めて12語)
    During the summer vacation/holidays I often went swimming in the nearby river.

    (After で始めて、spend, where, days を用いて14語)
    After the Civil War, Whitman moved to Washington, where he spent his last days.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. mdchachi

    mdchachi Moderator

    Everything looks good to me.
  3. hirashin

    hirashin Sempai

    Thank you for the help, mdchachi. I'm glad to know there's no error.

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