[UNPOPULAR OPINION] Do jdoramas seem bland sometimes?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by BillMad, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. BillMad

    BillMad Kouhai

    I might get a **** ton of hate-mail for this but is it only me or do jdramas feel bland sometimes as compared to dramas from other countries (kdrama's and such).

    For eg. Their production quality always seems 2000ish and feels like something with a low budget. Sometimes I also feel there's some sort of propoganda in a few of them (sometimes these messages are spread by defeating them i.e characters overcoming them but viewer still gets to watch through how bad it gets if you dont align to them), like

    1.) Dont mess with society if you do== unimaginable shame (Obsessive Conformity is there all the time)

    2.) Mothers == make good food clean do chores and **** (Most common)

    3.) Doesnt matter if you are old== can still get married (Given their low birth rates and dwindling population) (Eg. Gekkan dekinai otoko)

    4.) Work beyond your capacity until you pass out == normal

    5.) Dont spend too much == dont live in excess (given they are an island nation with almost no natural resources)
  2. Lomaster

    Well that's the point of doramas isn't it? They avert your thoughts from everyday problems and make you feel good and relaxed. It's not something to be taken so seriously. You want something not that bland - go watch feature movies.
    And its Kekkon dekianai otoko, not gekkan.
  3. BillMad

    BillMad Kouhai

    You are right about it being something to distract oneself with. I guess propaganda is spread that way, when people let their hair down, it silently creeps up on them and materializes as a means of thinking.

    I was calling it bland in the sense that it kinda looks off production quality as compared to kdramas, then again, that is my unpopular opinion so fire away.

    Oh and ( obviously ) my japanese language skills are second to everybody here so dont mind any mispronunciations, grammar or anything else for the matter.
  4. lanthas


    If you prefer kdrama, watch that *shrug*
  5. BillMad

    BillMad Kouhai

    I did. I just wanted to know if someone else noticed the same things or not.

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