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Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Miscellaneous' started by julis, Jun 24, 2001.

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    Would anybody be interested in having a bit of teaching experience in Izhevsk, Russia, let me know.
    That would involve teaching English at the English evening courses, up to 15 hours a week and additionally teaching almost any classes (if one feels like doing it) at a regular Junior/Junior High School. Can be anything from PE to Physics... (Done in English or any other major language, just let me know which!)

    The time one can or wants to start up all this is negotiable. Almost anytime is fine. One up to a few month stay is possible.

    We will provide you with room (homestay) and board (nothing too fancy, but the basic needs will certainly be covered), forward you your visa support papers (all expenses paid), help you arrange your travel arround, in, from Russia in the most economical way possible, assist you with itinerary and transportation advice.

    We will be happy to see you on our outdoor and bicycle trips too. No extra money paid for that, just the regular contribution, everyone makes up to the trip expenses.

    Anyone needs more details, drop me a line or two!

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