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Discussion in 'China Forum' started by edogaijin, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. edogaijin

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    Long story short, the Japanese-ness of Japan is starting to wear thin for me. As the days go by, I find myself growing to intensely dislike living in Japan. I had a few questions about Hong Kong.

    First of all, how many people actually speak passable English? Is it possible to work outside English teaching, for foreigners in HK? How strict are the visa policies, and do the locals hate Americans?

    At risk of being accused of trolling, I don't like most Japanese people in Tokyo -- they are far too serious and addicted to work. It's very difficult to have a real life here as a foreigner.
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    If you find Tokyo too competitive, then you will definitely NOT enjoy HK. HK is more international than Tokyo, the most important financial hub in Asia (Tokyo is 3rd after Singapore) therefore much more competitive than Tokyo. However, you will probably get more opportunity to teach English as it is a more international city.
  3. edogaijin

    edogaijin 先輩

    Finding Japan a bit too obsessed with its own culture and honestly sort of irrelevant. As you said, Tokyo used to be the financial centre of Asia-Pacific. Now it definitely isn't. I believe Japan has a very dark future, financially and socially due to the demographic shift.

    My problem with Tokyo isn't that it's competitive, but more that it isn't competitive. It's all about being a "proper" Japanese or acting in accordance with what some old men decided long ago was right. Honestly Japan seems sort of high on its own brand and unaware of other cultures or the outside world in general.

    One interest I have in HK is that I've heard they pay considerably more for IT professionals and that many more people there speak English. I speak no Chinese language, but I have three degrees and many years experience working in IT. Do you think I'd have a chance at getting any job there outside teaching?

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