What participles go with nanika, dokomo, itsudemo, etc?

Discussion in 'Learning Japanese' started by nakamiganai, Jul 10, 2018.

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    So I'm currently learning the combinations of the question words なに,どこ,だれ,いつ, and the particles か も でも. I've tried looking for an answer on what kind of participles go with these words but found multiple answers among different sites. So far I've figured this out, please correct any mistakes you find:

    1. Question word + か: can ommit を, は and で. Must go with が, に and へ.
    2. Question word + も: if the sentence is negative, we can ommit を, は, が and で. Must use に and へ (also the two appear before も). If the sentence is affirmative, same as Xか.
    3. Question word + でも: Same as Xか?

    Are there any mistakes here? Thanks in advance xx
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    助詞 is particle, not participle.

    を, が or は often can be omitted with all nouns, not only with interrogative words, but other particles usually can't.

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