What would you name a person who practises バリツ?

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    There is a fiction wrestling baritsu in Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventure of the Empty House" short story. The author says it is a Japanese system of wrestling. So the question is What would you call a person who practises バリツ? There is a lot of suffixes with meaning "one who does smth." in Japanese language. So I'm confused about the choice. Would he be a バリツ家 (ばりつか or ばりつし)? Or バリツ者 (-しゃ/-もの). We know that sumo wrestlers is called 相撲取り. Why can't he be named somewhat this way?
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    Those suffixes are usually not used for loan words. Wrestler is レスラー, not "レスリング + suffix", boxer is ボクサー, not "ボクシング + suffix", and so on.
    As for 相撲取り, the -masu stem of 取る is used as "the doer" here since 取る is the verb associated with 相撲. In the same logic, ピアノ弾き is a variation of "pianist" (from ピアノを弾く), or 歌うたい is for "singer" (from 歌を歌う). バリツ can be considered as a technique, so バリツ使い works well (cf. 魔法使い, 妖術使い, 柔術使い).
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    Great! Thank you.

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