Help Would you be interested in becoming a local guide for tourists on remote chat app?

Discussion in 'Japan Practical' started by Akiko Imazeki, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. I would become a guide on this app.

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  2. I would never become a guide on this app.

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  1. Akiko Imazeki

    Akiko Imazeki Registered

    I need your feedback on this new app we developed, it called 'KINPEN'.
    Would you use this app? or Would you become a local guide for tourists on remote chat app?

    A New iPhone app 'KINPEN' is a chat app that tourists ask about local experiences or information to the locals before or during their travels.

    Web - top
    KINPEN | Chat with locals for your travel
    App store
    ‎KINPEN chat with local guides on the App Store

    Everyone has unique experience in their country or hometown, then this is essential information for foreigners. It can be share local people’s spending style by application. I hope that it makes help more interesting everyone’s travel.

    I believe that the more People form overseas use, KINPEN can be contributed to revitalize the their community through enjoying to communicate.

    So what do you think? Would you use this kind of service? Or would you become a local guide of service on remote chat app?

    Freely comment if you have any feedback or suggestions!!
  2. mdchachi

    mdchachi Moderator

    It's a good idea but I think it's tough to try to make something like this a paid service. There are many free ways to get advice about destinations such as forums like this. Or tripadvisor etc.
  3. thomas

    thomas Unswerving cyclist

    Even for fora such as ours it’s nearly impossible to compete with the convenience of cutting-edge technology offered by Tripadvisor or Google Maps and their massive audience. I’m a Google Local Guide simply because it’s so easy to add reviews or read up on other people’s experiences without having to access another website or application. On your PC, tablet or cellphone.

    I think your concept of chatting with local guides is a nice twist, and I wish you good luck!

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