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Discussion in 'All Things Japanese' started by ryo2000, Aug 21, 2017.

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  1. ryo2000

    ryo2000 Kouhai

    I need your feedback on this new app we are planning to develop.
    Would you use this app? If so, we'll make it happen in 2 months!

    Connect men's travelers & foreign residents with local girls who are willing to communicate

    Key details:

    • A group of men can make a request for a small party (Gokon) with a group of English-speaking local girls at a restaurant or karaoke. A staff coordinates meetup and guide you to the restaurant.
    • It helps match both groups that happen to be in same area at the same time
    • Men pay for food and drink of girls but price is prefixed (All you can drink and dinner meal course)
    • Men can check profiles of girls before making a request (the local girls are not "PROFESSIONALS" )
    Hypothesis for Men (Correct me if I'm wrong..) :
    • Men's travelers with friends are looking for special experiences with locals (if it's with local girls, its better)
    • Men's foreign residents in Japan are seeking for romance with Japanese girls
    • Men's foreign residents in Japan are interested in learning Japanese with Japanese girls
    Hypothesis for Local Girls (Correct me if I'm wrong..) :
    • Japanese girls who learned to speak English want to speak English with people in Japan
    • Japanese girls want to have a chance to meet people from other countries (That might be a reason why they go to Roppongi)
    • They are seeking for romance with people from other countries

    2-3hrs all you can drink with course meal

    Men: 6,000-10,000yen (because they cover drink&food for girls)
    Girls: Free

    So...What do you think? Would you use this kind of service? Sure it'd be so much better than Tinder!
    Freely comment if you have any feedback or suggestions!!
  2. Mike Cash

    Mike Cash 骨も命も皆此の土地に埋めよう

    Sounds scuzzy.
  3. joadbres

    joadbres 後輩

    It sounds very scuzzy. I would use it.
  4. nice gaijin

    nice gaijin Resident Realist

    The thing about Goukon is they are usually arranged by mutual friends or classmates, someone with whom they have some kind of connection. In this situation, they're just strangers; your big value-add is charging people to sit in a bar and entertain themselves (You haven't made mention of any kind of activities you'd be facilitating). If that's the case, you're better off just finding a venue and having an "international night."

    Furthermore, I see it particularly concerning for the mindset of your male customers when you "gather" women for them and make them pay for everything. Will you be chaperoning the event or provide some kind of assurance that the men don't assume they are entitled to anything other than company?

    If Japanese people want to arrange to meet foreigners through the internet, they'll just use tinder cause that's what the foreigners use. You'd have to market to two separate groups to get enough people to actually use the service. I personally wouldn't pursue this idea, or use this service.
  5. Lothor

    Lothor Sempai

    Speaking as a British guy, western men very rarely travel to Japan in groups - think about the difficulty of arranging a number of people to have a few weeks off work (which is needed to make the long and expensive trip to Japan worthwhile) at exactly the same time. Generalising, if they are interested in Japanese women, they may have enough confidence to approach them without any help. I always did!
    There could be a demand for your gokon service from men from nearby Asian countries, who may be shyer and more likely to travel in groups. Have you posted your thoughts on Korean/Chinese sites?
  6. johnnyG

    johnnyG 先輩

  7. lanthas


    If you do end up creating this, make sure to display a warning to the men telling them to check themselves for yellow fever before using it.
  8. OoTmaster

    OoTmaster 先輩

    I'm a little confused on the purpose of the app. It seems it could meet the requirements of two separate things that men and women would be looking for in a particular app like this. One being meeting new people for a casual meeting where you share language and culture. The other being like Tinder meeting for some kind of date then a possibility of "after activities". I think setting a clear expectation of the app would help to cull frustration on both sides of something like this. Also what is your portion of profit on this? Certainly you're not just making an app for free that people can use to meet for free. Is there some type of advertisements or is there a fee per meeting or a subscription fee?
  9. ryo2000

    ryo2000 Kouhai

    Thanks for your feedback!
  10. ryo2000

    ryo2000 Kouhai

    Thanks for your valuable comment! I will proceed then!
  11. ryo2000

    ryo2000 Kouhai

    Thanks for valuable advice and comment. A chaperoning will be at a venue for each even to escort them and assist them to meet up. Tinder is just SNS where you can find people and groups casually. This service is more for people who are willing to pay for grantee that they can meet up new people in same area. Based on your feedback, we'll think about the service! Thank you so much!
  12. ryo2000

    ryo2000 Kouhai

    Thanks for your feedback. I agree with your point. If there were more people like you, who aggressively take a chance, the service wouldn't work at all. But, I believe that the service might attract those who have no idea where to go to meet girls, if the app helps them access to more places to meet girls in Japan.
    Also, maybe you are right about western people don't travel in groups but I see many business travelers from western countries so we might target them as well as Asian countries :emoji_smile:
  13. ryo2000

    ryo2000 Kouhai

    Thanks for your feedback! I see.. I agree that it should focus on one demand. I'll think about it.
    As for monetizing, I am thinking of taking service fee from men per transaction.
  14. Lothor

    Lothor Sempai

    Agrgressive? I'm always the perfect gentleman!:emoji_sunglasses:
  15. jt9258

    jt9258 先輩


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