Would you check my exercises for L.1 Part 1

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    hirashin Sempai

    Dear native English speakers,
    would you please check my sentences?
    I take pride in my country.

    ②彼らは、この映画について高い評価をしている。[opinion, thisを用いて8語で]
    They have a high opinion of this movie.

    [survey, how much, own, trustを用いて10語で]
    The survey asked how much you trusted your own country?

    ④彼は、多くの人達からすばらしいと思われている。[admire, by, many を用いて6語で]
    He is admired by many people.

    (ちゃんと動く = work properly)
    This PC doesn't seem to work properly.

    ⑥昨日、Janeはマイクをいらつかせたようだ。[seem to, annoyを用いて7語で]
    (annoy = いらっとさせる、むかつかせる)
    Jane seems to have annoyed Mike yesterday.

    What fruit do you like? / What fruits do you like?

    ⑧多くの人は、日本を安全な国だと思っている。[see, asを用いて]
    Many people see Japan as a safe country.

    ⑨彼は「日本は他の多くの国によい影響を与えている」と言った。[that, have, influenceを
    He said/told that Japan has a positive/good influence on many other countries.

    ⑩この調査は、世界中の50(綴りで)カ国で行われた。[survey, carry, aroundを用いて11語で]
    This/The survey was carried out in fifty countries around the world.

    ⑪日本はその一覧表の一番下にいるようだ。[seem, bottom, listを用いて10語で]
    Japan seems to be at the bottom of the list.

    Thanks in advance.

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