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    Hello, I am trying to fill out an application to attend the Nissan Heritage Showroom Tour in Zama during my stay this March-April. Aside from how to speak basic greetings, I do not know Japanese, and the application is in Japanese. I was looking for some help. On the application, it asks for name in full-width kana. I tried to do some research. Am I correct in translating “Jonathan Osborne” to ジョナサン オスボーン ?? Also, it asks for the spelling in phonetic full-width kana. I do not know how to do this, despite my research efforts.

    It asks for the number of your party attending (2) in half-width kana. Would this simply be “2”?

    And lastly, there is a section to which I could only translate as “profession.” But I am unable to translate the drop-down menu. Can anyone tell me what they mean in order, first to last? I’ve attached a screen shot.

    Thank you for listening. I am very much looking forward to my trip to Japan, and hope to attend this wonderful tour.



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    The most common transliteration of Osborne is オボーン since "s" is pronounced as "z".

    Yes. Incidentally, "Jonathan Osborne" in half-width kana and "2" in full-width number are ジョナサン オズボーン and 2, respectively. See the following wiki page.
    Halfwidth and fullwidth forms - Wikipedia

    office worker
    public service worker
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