Directory Submissions

How to submit a link

  1. Sign up to the Japan Forum
  2. Go to the directory.
  3. Click the "Add Link" button on the top right.

Please submit the following link information:

  • Category: choose the appropriate section from the dropdown menu.
  • URL: actual URL to your resource, no redirections or commission links.
  • Title: as short as possible, your actual site title, no description or marketing text.
  • Website description: short, descriptive, no marketing hype or self-promotion, no superlatives, just the facts.
  • Site language: choose a language from the dropdown menu.

Rules of Submission

  • The Japan Directory exclusively lists online resources related to Japan. Please do not submit websites that are not related to Japan.
  • Unrelated websites shall not be added.

    What exactly is a Japan-related website? A site mainly dealing with Japan, Japanese culture, language, history, etc. The mere fact that a website could be of interest to Japanese or your intention to promote a product on the Japanese market does not qualify your website for inclusion.
  • Websites with pornographic, hateful or profane content are categorically excluded.


    • displaying explicit adult or obscene content (such as "hentai")
    • offering illegal services under international, national or local law (such as distribution of pirated software, etc.)
    • featuring racist or profane content
    • that are apparently "under construction"
    will not be approved!
  • We reserve the exclusive right to be sole arbiter as to which content qualifies for inclusion.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more detailed information.

Other issues:

  • Do not capitalise entire words or use HTML tags.
  • We do not accept web sites hosted with specific free web hosting companies due to pop-up advertising and short lifespan of such websites.
  • Make sure your page is not "under construction" or displays broken images or links.

In case you encounter any problems, please contact us.
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