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Image Title Text
Alien Alien :emoji_alien: :alien:
Angel Angel :emoji_angel: :angelic: :angel:
Angry Angry :emoji_angry: :grumpy:
Anguished Anguished :emoji_anguished:
Astonished Astonished :emoji_astonished: :o :jawdrop:
Blush Blush :emoji_blush: :relief: :embarrased:
Bow Bow :emoji_bow: :notworthy: :sorry: :gomen: :bow:
Clap Clap :emoji_clap:
Cold Sweat Cold Sweat :emoji_cold_sweat: :wtf:
Confounded Confounded :emoji_confounded:
Confused Confused :emoji_confused: :confused:
Cop Cop :emoji_cop:
Couplekiss Couplekiss :emoji_couplekiss:
Cry Cry :emoji_cry:
Dancer Dancer :emoji_dancer:
Disappointed Disappointed :emoji_disappointed: :depressed:
Disappointed Relieved Disappointed Relieved :emoji_disappointed_relieved:
Dizzy Face Dizzy Face :emoji_dizzy_face: :dead: :x3: :auch:
Expressionless Expressionless :emoji_expressionless:
Face Palm Face Palm :emoji_face_palm: :banghead: :facepalm:
Fearful Fearful :emoji_fearful: :eek: :nailbiting:
Fingers Crossed Fingers Crossed :emoji_fingers_crossed:
Fist Fist :emoji_fist:
Flushed Flushed :emoji_flushed: :oops: :blush: :redface: :okashii:
Frowning Frowning :emoji_frowning:
Frowning2 Frowning2 :emoji_frowning2: :( :sad: :kanashii:
Ghost Ghost :emoji_ghost:
Girl Girl :emoji_girl:
Grimacing Grimacing :emoji_grimacing:
Grin Grin :emoji_grin: :sneaky:
Grinning Grinning :emoji_grinning: :biggrin: :D :woot:
Guardsman Guardsman :emoji_guardsman:
Hand Splayed Hand Splayed :emoji_hand_splayed:
Handshake Handshake :emoji_handshake:
Head Bandage Head Bandage :emoji_head_bandage: :blackeye:
Heart Eyes Heart Eyes :emoji_heart_eyes: :drool: :inlove: :cute:
Hugging Hugging :emoji_hugging:
Hushed Hushed :emoji_hushed: :speechless:
Imp Imp :emoji_imp: :devilish: :angryfire:
Innocent Innocent :emoji_innocent:
Japanese Goblin Japanese Goblin :emoji_japanese_goblin:
Japanese Ogre Japanese Ogre :emoji_japanese_ogre:
Joy Joy :emoji_joy: :joyful: :hey:
Kimono Kimono :emoji_kimono:
Kissing Kissing :emoji_kissing: :kiss:
Kissing Closed_eyes Kissing Closed_eyes :emoji_kissing_closed_eyes:
Kissing Heart Kissing Heart :emoji_kissing_heart:
Kissing Smiling_eyes Kissing Smiling_eyes :emoji_kissing_smiling_eyes:
Laughing Laughing :emoji_laughing: :laugh: :roflmao:
Man Man :emoji_man:
Man Dancing Man Dancing :emoji_man_dancing:
Mask Mask :emoji_mask:
Money Mouth Money Mouth :emoji_money_mouth:
Muscle Muscle :emoji_muscle:
Nerd Nerd :emoji_nerd: :souka:
Neutral Face Neutral Face :emoji_neutral_face:
No Mouth No Mouth :emoji_no_mouth:
Ok Hand Ok Hand :emoji_ok_hand:
Open Mouth Open Mouth :emoji_open_mouth:
Pensive Pensive :emoji_pensive:
Persevere Persevere :emoji_persevere:
Point Down Point Down :emoji_point_down:
Point Left Point Left :emoji_point_left:
Point Right Point Right :emoji_point_right:
Point Up Point Up :emoji_point_up:
Point Up_2 Point Up_2 :emoji_point_up_2:
Poop Poop :emoji_poop:
Pray Pray :emoji_pray:
Punch Punch :emoji_punch: :punch:
Rage Rage :emoji_rage: :mad:
Raised Back_of_hand Raised Back_of_hand :emoji_raised_back_of_hand:
Raised Hand Raised Hand :emoji_raised_hand: :stop:
Raised Hands Raised Hands :emoji_raised_hands:
Relaxed Relaxed :emoji_relaxed: :happy:
Relieved Relieved :emoji_relieved:
Robot Robot :emoji_robot:
Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes :emoji_rolling_eyes: :rolleyes:
Scream Scream :emoji_scream: :shock:
Shrug Shrug :emoji_shrug:
Sleeping Sleeping :emoji_sleeping:
Sleepy Sleepy :emoji_sleepy: :yawn:
Slight Frown Slight Frown :emoji_slight_frown:
Slight Smile Slight Smile :emoji_slight_smile: :giggle:
Smile Smile :emoji_smile: :smile: :) :-) (:
Smiley Smiley :emoji_smiley:
Smiling Imp Smiling Imp :emoji_smiling_imp: :evil:
Smirk Smirk :emoji_smirk: :smuggrin:
Sob Sob :emoji_sob: :bawling:
Spy Spy :emoji_spy:
Stuck Out_tongue Stuck Out_tongue :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
Stuck Out_tongue_closed_eyes Stuck Out_tongue_closed_eyes :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :yuck:
Stuck Out_tongue_winking_eye Stuck Out_tongue_winking_eye :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :tongue: :p :P :-p :-P
Sunglasses Sunglasses :emoji_sunglasses: :cool:
Sweat Sweat :emoji_sweat:
Sweat Smile Sweat Smile :emoji_sweat_smile: :shy:
Thermometer Face Thermometer Face :emoji_thermometer_face: :cold: :shiver: :sick:
Thinking Thinking :emoji_thinking: :cautious: :? :clueless:
Thumbsdown Thumbsdown :emoji_thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
Thumbsup Thumbsup :emoji_thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Tired Face Tired Face :emoji_tired_face:
Triumph Triumph :emoji_triumph:
Unamused Unamused :emoji_unamused: :bored: :meh: :shifty: :wary:
Upside Down Upside Down :emoji_upside_down: :hilarious:
Victory Victory :emoji_v: :victory:
Vulcan Vulcan :emoji_vulcan:
Wave Wave :emoji_wave: :wave:
Weary Weary :emoji_weary:
Wink Wink :emoji_wink: :whistling: ;)
Woman Woman :emoji_woman:
Worried Worried :emoji_worried: :sour: :worried:
Writing Hand Writing Hand :emoji_writing_hand: :note:
Yum Yum :emoji_yum: :ramen: :gohan:
Zipper Mouth Zipper Mouth :emoji_zipper_mouth: :muted:
Zzz Zzz :emoji_zzz: