Hiragana & Katakana Work Sheets 2017-06-01

Hiragana & Katakana Work Sheets provided by the Meguro Language Center

  1. JREF
    Hiragana and katakana work sheets provided by the Meguro Language Center (PDF file)

Recent Reviews

  1. JS=hyaku
    Version: 2017-06-01
    This is a very useful resource for beginners. I have bought books with similar exercises and I wish I had found this resource first! The numbers showing the order in which the characters should be constructed is useful; there are a small number for which this could be more helpful, where one stroke changes direction to make an L shape - for example the katakana for ro, yo and yu. But otherwise, I cannot fault it. Each kana is shown with instructions and spaces for practising; since it is a PDF, you have the ability to print off as many as required. Happy learning!
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