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  1. Essential Japanese Grammar: A Comprehensive Guide to Contemporary Usage

    Essential Japanese Grammar is a study guide for students of the Japanese language at all levels.
    "Essential Japanese Grammar" is a complete revision of the Handbook of Japanese Grammar (Tuttle Publishing 1994). The book consists of two parts (Part 1 is "Japanese Grammar: An Overview and 2nd part Dictionary of usage"); while the first part has 21 chapters, the second part contains two. The first thing to say is that this book is a reference material, and although the book states that it is “indispensable reference for students of Japanese at all levels” if you are beginner you probably...
  2. Japanese Kanji and Kana: A Complete Guide to the Japanese Writing System

    This book provides all the information needed to learn kanji and kana, including the 92 basic hiragana and katakana phonetic symbols (known
    Japanese Kanji and Kana is a book that is great for those that have just started to learn the language and its writing system as well as those that need to refresh their knowledge of Japanese writing. Writing however is just one aspect of a language; so if you want to learn Japanese this book it will be very useful, but won’t lead you far without any knowledge of grammar. The book contains about 35 pages on romanization, the kana syllabaries (history, order, writing, orthography, and...
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