日本語 Flash card set: Japanese Syllabary - Hiragana

A set of flash cards for Japanese beginners to study Hiragana. This card set contains 104 cards which collects all Japanese Hiragana characters with
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Item Details

  1. Japanese Syllabary - Hiragana is a flash card set for Japanese beginners, especially for those who start to learn Japanese Hiragana characters and basic vocabularies.

    Published by Carddia, this card set contains 104 cards which collects all Japanese Hiragana characters. Each card shows one character with its Romaji, equivalent Katakana, stroke order, and example words. The packaging comes with a sheet of the table of Hiragana as well.

    The example words are relevant, this would help learners to study effectively. I like the fact that it shows how to write the character and the original kanji it comes from.

    The cards are a nice shape, the paper is so strong, the print quality is good, the font style is beautiful, sharp and clear. I even like the packaging box in organic design.

    The only one thing I must mention is that the price is a little bit expensive compared to the similar products in the market, but I think it is worth it anyway.
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