History Shingen - The Conqueror; The Kai Takeda 5 (1559 - 1568)

Shingen - The Conqueror; The Kai Takeda 5 (1559 - 1568) (Saga of the Samurai)

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  1. Shingen - the Conqueror, takes the reader a further 10 years into the life of Shingen. In this volume the fighting in Shinano and Kozuke will be the main focus, but also other subjects will be presented. The kagemusha legend, the family codex for the Takeda clan, the shinobi (spy) network and also a look into the name Shingen - when did it come into public use. The book is filled with color plates, photographs, b/w illustrations and maps. All this in order to present the exciting 16th century out to new and old fans of the samurai.
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