History Shingen - The Last Campaign, The Kai Takeda 6 (1569-1573)

Shingen - The Last Campaign, The Kai Takeda 6 (1569-1573) (Saga of the Samurai)

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  1. Shingen - The Last Campaign. In this, the final book on Shingen, the reader will take part in the last venture of one of the most colorful characters from the Middle Ages. Shingen's final campaign westward - towards the capital, Kyoto, clames most of the contents in this final chapter - his war with Oda and Tokugawa. Was it a genuine push towards the capital, or was it just one last military campaign for glory. The book deals also with topics like the maritime organization and a closer look at the causes of Shingen's death. Many color photos, bw illustrations and maps, makes this last book on Shingen a fine ending to a truly exiting life during the 16th century.
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