Travel Book The Little Book Of Tokyo

4.8/5, 4.8 from 1 review
A photographic journey through the modern marvels and historical treasures of Tokyo

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  1. thomas
    Fascinating pocketable photo guide for first-time visitors
    4.75/5, 4.75 out of 5, reviewed Apr 28, 2018
    • + Abundance of vibrant photos
    • + Compact and informative mini essays
    With a trim size of 6x6 inches, "The Little Book of Tokyo" is little, or better pocketable, indeed, yet it covers a broad range of aspects relating to Japan's modern capital. It is divided into four chapters:

    • The Spirit of Tokyo, with sections on shrines, temples, matsuri (traditional festivals), kabuki, sumo, eateries, and shopping
    • Traditional Tokyo, covering the famous and some not so famous areas in and around Tokyo, such as the Imperial Palace, Asakusa, Shibamata, Kamakura, Kawagoe, and Mount Takao
    • Tokyo Today, expanding on the "modern" Tokyo, from the fashionable districts of Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku,and Ginza, to the otaku paradise of Harajuku and the museums of Ueno
    • Tokyo Sights, giving attention to classics like the Meiji Shrine, the Tsukiji Fish Market, Roppongi Hills, Kiyosumi Garden, Yamanote Line and many other sights worth a visit.

    Each chapter comprises a short introduction, commentaries on various aspects of Japanese culture as well as a vast scope of breath-taking photos. Ideal as a gift for Japan aficionados or for tourists visiting the city for the first time, "The Little Book of Tokyo" gives a comprehensive overview over the people, the culture, and the history of Japan's capital.

Item Details

  1. Take a photographic journey through the modern marvels and historical treasures of Tokyo with this informative, portable Japan travel guide.

    In The Little Book of Tokyo, veteran photojournalist Ben Simmons continues a quest he began over two decades ago to seek out and share his creative viewpoint and insider's perspective. Small enough to carry while traveling in Japan, this book is an ideal travel companion for a Tokyo experience, whether you're planning your trip, on your way, or merely dream of going.

    A series of 50 informative mini essays are organized into four chapters:
    • Tokyo's Edo Legacy
    • Tokyo Towns
    • City Perspectives
    • Spirit of Tokyo
    The Little Book of Tokyo is the perfect introduction to this enchanting, ultra-modern megacity and provides an immersive take on Tokyo combining Japanese history, photography and cultural commentary. It weaves a tapestry of the city's many unique idiosyncrasies, offering strategies for exploring the High City to the Low City, Tokyo Bay to the top of Tokyo Skytree, and the most critical places and happenings in between, including architecture, festivals, and landmarks. It also beautifully captures the many inhabitants of Tokyo, painting a rich and multi-faceted picture of this capital city.

    About the Author:
    Ben Simmons completed an MFA in photography and art history and taught photography at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina before moving to Japan, where he has been working as a professional photojournalist for over 20 years. His recent books include Kyoto Gardens, Japanese Architecture, Tokyo Megacity, Kyoto: City of Zen, and Tokyo Desire.

    Editorial Review

    "The photos used in this book would easily have taken years to accumulate over the seasons, festivals, and events. This book has been a labour of love for a city where Ben's heart surely lies...Including photographs of both traditional elegance to modern high-tech and the everyday mundane, you'll see Tokyo as it really is: a land of contradictions that meld together into a city of beauty and wonder...Whether you love gorgeous photos of Japanese culture, love being an armchair traveller, or have plans to visit Tokyo in the future (perhaps for the Olympics), then I'm certain you'll love The Little Book of Tokyo." -- Castleview Academy

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